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Apple excitement

Friday is a big day for Mac fans everywhere with the release of Tiger, OS 10.4. Mine ordered from Apple showed up today, a day earlier than it was supposed to, but FedEx is really good with getting stuff from Memphis to Atlanta 🙂 Nonetheless, there is simply too much to be done in the next week to take a chance on a complete OS upgrade, so the early arrival will sit on the shelf for a week or so.

I’m honestly amazed at the prominence of the Mac these days. This new OS release has merited mention on the New York Times’ editorial page. What a shift for a computer platform that everyone said was dead five years ago!

I came into the Mac world right before everything hit. I was at the tail end of the “Switcher” campaign but ahead of the main iPod craze. I don’t know what I’d do if I were still on a PC these days. Moving to a Mac was the best investment I have made. It cost me a bit more than it would have cost me to just get a new PC, but I am immensely happier with my choice.

One of the reasons why I switched was the alternative nature of the platform, and all this new coverage and popularity almost makes me think twice about it. I certainly didn’t choose the Mac simply because it was the uncommon choice, but the “think different” factor is certainly there. Things are simply changing very fast in the computer world, but I’m really happy where I am nonetheless.

Now back to all those papers that are keeping me from upgrading….


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blogging again

For some reason, I’ve decided to try blogging again. Maybe it will offer a nice new forum for letting out some of the “stuff” that gets stuck up inside sometimes.

It has been a quiet yet busy weekend. Last night was one last shot at Jazz at the High and a wonderful ASO concert. Vaughan Williams, the featured composer of the evening, is an amazing composer: he wrote some of the most amazing symphonic and choral literature of the 20th century, compiled fascinating collections of British folk music, and even wrote original hymns for the 1906 English Hymnal.

Today, I communed with Walker Percy some more and the Christian education of adults a lot more. The annotated bibliography is now nearly done – just one more book to review to hit the minimum! Thankfully, Britcoms closed the day.

Off to bed, far too late….

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