Monthly Archives: June 2008

back to blogging, again

So after a three-year hiatus, I’m back to blogging. Why?

  1. As the three-year mark nears in Whitestone, I’m feeling a tug to engage a little more of why I do what I do while I’m doing it.
  2. I’m trying to convince myself that my life isn’t boring. Other people might actually want to hear a little more of what I’m thinking!
  3. I’m a little jealous of the attention other bloggers are getting these days. The Presbyterian Church (USA) just elected a blogger as its moderator. Other friends are blogging more and more. Pastors are engaging issues of importance online and not just in the pulpit.
  4. I’m always interested in trying out new toys. I’ve done a couple blogs before on Blogger, so WordPress here I come!

Look to hear a little more in the coming days about what’s been going on with me.



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