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old habits reincarnated

As I spend more time at home, I’m finding that some of my old habits are coming back. For example:

  1. It’s really hard to get any “work” done at home. I try to read or do something other than watch TV or sit in front of the computer, but I always seem to end up right back here where I started. I recognize that part of that has to do with different space and having other people closer in to my space, but I still find it hard to do the reading and other sorts of things that I would have done in another space with this same amount of time.

  3. Somewhat related to this are eating and personal care habits. I all too easily break back into unhealthy eating and excuses to not exercise while I’m here. I try pretty hard, but I don’t succeed. I’ve always had much better success when I can start from scratch and do things in an entirely new way.

  5. I either live in my room or outside the house. Thanks to a rearranged room, I have more openness in my bedroom than I have had since I was little. However, I can’t spend much time outside of it without leaving the house altogether. I find that I have to take some kind of trip every day to keep my spirits up and simply make sure that I don’t completely lose it!

I’m simply glad this is a temporary arrangement!


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observations from home

It is HOT. I moved back to Mississippi a week ago, and who knew that summer would come so quickly? I was away this past weekend, and when I stepped off the plane at nearly midnight last night after several days in a place where I needed a jacket, I was nearly bowled over by the heat and humidity — it was nearly 80º! I have forgotten — but certainly not missed!!! — summers in Mississippi. The forecast calls for cooler weather over the next few days, but thankfully I will be getting away from here yet again on Thursday.

I resumed my walking regimen today, and I was astonished at people’s response. Granted, it was midday, but I was still the only person out walking at all. In the places where there were no sidewalks, I think the passing drivers were so surprised by my presence that most of them moved completely over into the opposite lane. I’ve been walking on streets for a couple years now, and there was something very clearly different about this. Maybe it was just the fact that I was out exercising in such dreadful heat… or maybe it was just that anyone was exercising at all. I don’t know.

Anyway, that’s life. Of course there’s more, but I have to save something to write about later, right? 🙂

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