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endings and beginnings

We’re right in the middle of all the celebrations for commencement. Tonight was the baccalaureate service, and it was truly wonderful. Sarah Walker offered a wonderful take on it in her blog tonight, and I affirm her comments here by reference!

Everything is striking me very deeply in these times. The part of the service that grabbed me was the prayers of the people. When they are done well, they are often my favorite part of the service, and tonight was one of those times. I don’t remember how it all went, but there was a lot about beginnings and endings, and it wasn’t some trite anecdote about commencement being a beginning that you’ve heard at two hundred high school graduations. These beginnings and endings seemed more real than they have before as Mark Douglas prayed. Maybe it was in the growth I can see in myself over the last three years — but maybe it was actually in the ways in which I see that I have also stayed the same.

I don’t really understand it, but can we understand it? I don’t think I can really wish for that real understanding, but as the ending comes extremely near, lots is coming together as it never has before. Tonight I heard “alpha” and “omega” in an entirely new way, and that was unsettling — but yet comforting. I’ll have to quote Sarah, for she is more eloquent than I could imagine to be tonight:

All I needed was to hear it. Hear the promise. I needed the reminder. I have the faith. I believe the promises. I just needed to hear them. And I needed the rest of the service too. It reminded me of who I am and Whose I am. It reminded me of what is important and in Whom I place my trust and my life. It reminded me of how to live. 


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entering the final week

It feels very strange to say it, but I’m now entering my final week at seminary and in Atlanta. It is a strange time, and I’ve become very emotional all of the sudden.

  • At church this morning, I nearly lost it when one of my fellow seminary students offered the prayer of thanksgiving, as it was his last Sunday. I’ll be back for one last Sunday at Central, and I can’t imagine what kind of condition I’ll be in then!
  • After church, I started thinking about what is next in the church world for me. Where will I go to church while I look for a job? None of the immediate options at my parents’ house are particularly appealing, so I’m trying to think outside the box a bit. Perhaps I can find someplace life-giving for that brief period.
  • I’m starting to have my final chances to visit with all sorts of friends around here. We’ll certainly be running into one another over the course of the next week, but intentional time together is quickly disappearing.
  • Three of us went out to see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tonight. I kinda feel like Arthur Dent sometimes, with so much of the world caving in around me, constantly looking for what I can hold on to as everything around me changes. Now if I can just figure out exactly what my “fish” would be if I were to sing “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”!
  • In general, everything just feels really strange. It is strange to see packed boxes accumulating in the room, empty bookshelves where the books have been for three years, and junk I should have thrown away years ago piling up in the trash can. I’m hopeful that it will all get done, but it hasn’t happened yet!

There’s much to be done, but I don’t feel like doing any of it anymore! Oh well… it will happen somehow.

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Apple excitement

Friday is a big day for Mac fans everywhere with the release of Tiger, OS 10.4. Mine ordered from Apple showed up today, a day earlier than it was supposed to, but FedEx is really good with getting stuff from Memphis to Atlanta 🙂 Nonetheless, there is simply too much to be done in the next week to take a chance on a complete OS upgrade, so the early arrival will sit on the shelf for a week or so.

I’m honestly amazed at the prominence of the Mac these days. This new OS release has merited mention on the New York Times’ editorial page. What a shift for a computer platform that everyone said was dead five years ago!

I came into the Mac world right before everything hit. I was at the tail end of the “Switcher” campaign but ahead of the main iPod craze. I don’t know what I’d do if I were still on a PC these days. Moving to a Mac was the best investment I have made. It cost me a bit more than it would have cost me to just get a new PC, but I am immensely happier with my choice.

One of the reasons why I switched was the alternative nature of the platform, and all this new coverage and popularity almost makes me think twice about it. I certainly didn’t choose the Mac simply because it was the uncommon choice, but the “think different” factor is certainly there. Things are simply changing very fast in the computer world, but I’m really happy where I am nonetheless.

Now back to all those papers that are keeping me from upgrading….

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blogging again

For some reason, I’ve decided to try blogging again. Maybe it will offer a nice new forum for letting out some of the “stuff” that gets stuck up inside sometimes.

It has been a quiet yet busy weekend. Last night was one last shot at Jazz at the High and a wonderful ASO concert. Vaughan Williams, the featured composer of the evening, is an amazing composer: he wrote some of the most amazing symphonic and choral literature of the 20th century, compiled fascinating collections of British folk music, and even wrote original hymns for the 1906 English Hymnal.

Today, I communed with Walker Percy some more and the Christian education of adults a lot more. The annotated bibliography is now nearly done – just one more book to review to hit the minimum! Thankfully, Britcoms closed the day.

Off to bed, far too late….

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